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About Kraut Creek Pastures

Located in west central Ohio, our mission is to produce delicious grassfed lamb and beef that is born and raised on grass, sunshine, and fresh Darke county air.  Because we understand that the flavor and nutrition can only be as good as it's source, we are commited to impoving and protecting the health of our soil and grass through the use of long rotation intensive grazing.  At Kraut Creek, it is our goal to provide the best grassfed lamb, grassfed beef, and pastured non-gmo raised pork available.  Browse the pages, e-mail or call with questions........

We welcome you to our farm....


In early 2014, we realized that we were not utilizing all of the animal that we could.  Each animal we had processed came back with large amounts of lard/tallow.  It wasn't selling.  We searched the internet in hopes of finding the perfect fit for us.  We found it!!  The lard is now the main ingredient in our Old Fashion Bar Soap and the tallow is the main ingredient in Whipped Tallow Body Butter!  We are so excited to say that the sales far exceeded our expectations for 2014!!  To start off 2015, we are still offering the soap and body butter...but have added our all new Lip Balm!  This lip balm is made of lard, tallow, and a almond oil.  It's awesome!!  We encourage you to buy at least on of each product....and one to share with a friend!!