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100% Grassfed Lamb Cuts


*Due to a problem with coyotes and new guard dogs, we were not able to re-stock our lamb supply for the 2017 season.  We apologize.

Ground Lamb     7.99/lb.

Ground Lamb Patties     8.49/lb. (OUT OF STOCK)

Leg of Lamb Boneless:  $12.99/lb. (OUT OF STOCK)       

Leg of Lamb Boneless Half:   $13.99/lb.(OUT OF STOCK)

Loin Chop:   $15.99/lb.         

Rack of Lamb (3x3 Frenched):   $21.99/lb.          

Rib Chops (Frenche):   $21.99/lb. OUT OF STOCK)

Ribs:   $7.99/lb. (OUT OF STOCK)

Riblets:   $7.99/lb. (OUT OF STOCK)

Shoulder Roast:  $7.99/lb. (OUT OF STOCK)

Shoulder Chop:   $9.99/lb. (OUT OF STOCK)

Shanks:   $8.49/lb.