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Kraut Creek Pastures Meat CSA Pricing and Contract


Kraut Creek is offering a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program! In this program, Kraut Creek Pastures will provide you with an insulated bag of locally raised, grass-fed and pastured meat.

What Is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.   As a CSA member, you, the consumer, will secure a share of the farm’s annual meat production. We will raise, for you, 100% grassfed beef, all natural non-GMO heritage breed pork (pastured in season, deep bedded in winter), all natural non-GMO heritage breed chicken (pastured in season, deep bedded in winter), and if you choose, 100% grass fed lamb. All species are raised without added hormones or antibiotics.  Beef and Lamb are raised only on pasture grass and hay...we NEVER feed grain of any kind to them.  We will have the meat processed (beef in the spring and fall, pork year round, chicken year round, lamb in the fall) and store it for you. All you have to do is pick up your box of meat once a month!

What is the cost? We offer a 20 lb. share of beef, pork, and chicken for $132/month, an 18 lb. package of beef and chicken for $108/month, a 13 lb. share of beef, pork, and chicken for $85/month, an 8 lb. share of beef and pork for $60/month, an 8 lb. share of ground meats and chicken for $38/month, a chicken only share for $48/month (this will include 2-4 chickens for a total weight of approximately 12-14 pounds), and an 8 lb. share of lamb only for $72/month.  These prices are for a six month commitment.  A year long commitment will drop the share cost by $5/month only for the 20#, the 18#, the 13#, and the lamb share ($127, $80, $67).  A chart is shown in the contract (link at bottom of page).

What is included in the monthly share?  A 20# share and 13# share will include a whole chicken, beef steak, beef roast, ground beef, pork steak, pork roast, and sausage. The 18 lb. share of beef and chicken will include 8 lbs. beef cuts and ground, and 10 lbs. of chicken.  The 8 lb. share of beef and pork will include various cuts of both beef and pork, but may have more of one species or the other depending on inventory.  The 8 lb. share of ground meats and chicken will include a whole chicken and the remainder in ground beef and sausage.  The chicken only package will include 12 pounds of chicken.  As supply allows, we will also provide you with two dozen eggs for the 20# and 18# packages and one dozen eggs for the 13# and 8# packages from chickens raised on our farm at no extra cost, if you choose.  A breakdown of share products is shown in the contract (link at bottom of page).

When does it begin? You may submit a contract at any time. Your first pick-up will occur at the next scheduled pick-up time.

How and Where do you get your shares? Your meat shares will be available for pick-up at 7266 New Madison-Coletown Road, Greenville, OH 45331. You will be able to pick up your meat shares on the second Saturday morning of each month between the hours of 9:00AM-1:00PM.  

What if that time does not suit me? If the scheduled pick-up date and time do not suit you, please call to schedule another time.



Kraut Creek Pastures Rewards Program


 How does the rewards program work?  The rewards program will work as follows: You come, you buy.  We will track your purchase amount.  Every three months (March, June, September, and December) we will issue a gift certificate based off the $ amount that you purchased.  If you spend $125 - $275 in the three month period, you will receive a 5% ‘kickback’.  If you spend $276+ in that three month period, you will receive a 10% ‘kickback’.  This program will require absolutely no contract.  The rewards (or kickback) will only apply to the items that we produce, just as we currently do with the CSA program, but ALL purchases will apply to the three month dollar quota.