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Staff Members
The Garbers

Meet the Garber Family, the folks who keep Kraut Creek Pastures up and running!  Jason is the head of it all.  When we moved to this 30 acre farm back in 2008, he was thrilled to have a small farm with a creek running right through the middle of it.  That creek gets in the way at times, but he's still thrilled to live on the farm. Now?  Our pasture operation has grown to 150 grazable acres in 3 locations. It now produces 100% Grassfed Beef, 100% Grassfed Lamb, Non-GMO Pastured Pork, Non-GMO Pastured Chicken & Eggs, as well as a commercial sheep flock.

I am Jody, Jason's wife.  I don't spend an abundance of time in the pasture, unless it's time to build another fence, or wean lambs, or move animals around.  My main job is to take care of the house, the garden, and our five children.

Addie is our oldest and only daughter.   She does her fair share (more than her fair share if you ask her) to help keep the farm up and running.  She gathers the eggs from our 75+ hens.  Addie joined our family through adoption in 2008 from the country of Russia.

Will is our oldest son.  He helps out around the house, cares for the chickens, and tinkers around building whatever he can!  He loves to follow Daddy around and is beyond thrilled when he gets to go to the field with Daddy for the day. He also joined our family through adoption from Russia in 2008.  He loves to teach his new little brother all kinds of tricks and it's nothing to find him climbing up items that I would never climb.  Nothing scares him!

Rainey is our third child.  She joined our family in late 2014.  She's the princess of the farm and can often be seen doing her half of the rabbit chores while wearing her princess gown and tiara! 

Jack is our fourth child, who joined our family in early 2011 from the country of Russia.  He's a little spitfire who tries to do every thing that his big brother does.  Nothing stops him.  He tries to ride the sheep and the dogs...with very little success...and follows Will to the top of very tall items.  He feeds the dogs and the other 1/2 of the rabbits.

Our fifth child, Ty, is the 'baby' of the family.  He's learning just how much work it takes to keep a farm up and running!  His chores consist of feeding our dogs and the cats....and it's his personal responsibility to follow his big brothers around and pester them to pieces. 

So that's our year round staff.  Two adults and five children.  What a blessing it is for us to be able to work together on our small farm!! 

Darin Miller (Right Hand Man)

Darin is Jody's nephew and works here on the farm after school in the spring and fall and during the summer months!  Darin is awesome at setting net in the pastures, building odd things needed on the farm, moving animals, doing chores, and just helping out wherever he is needed at the time.  He is also tremendously patient with our children but doesn't hesitate to douse them under the hydrant if the need arises!  ;)  He's been a tremendous help and we're going to miss him immensely when he heads west to work on a harvest crew in summer 2017....but we're thrilled for him!!